How do you support others wellbeing and mental health?



How do you make a lasting impact on mental health & wellbeing?


We help coaches, therapists, consultants, HR professionals, and leaders to make a difference in mental health, and run effective, profitable businesses while supporting others.

We partner up with organisational wellbeing providers to equip them with strategic support,
impact measures and access to the latest research and development.

Elite Mind Academy was founded in response to the mental health crisis escalated by the pandemic, with a mission to provide effective, measurable mental health & wellbeing support without the need for stigmatising diagnostic labels.



While awareness of mental health issues is increasing, and people are starting to open up, there is still a lack of practical, effective solutions to help ourselves and others beyond talking therapies or medication.


The only way to address the scale of the problem, is to expand mental health support beyond institutionalised care into the hands of independent practitioners, business owners, and leaders in organisations.


We do this by empowering health and wellbeing practitioners to make a greater impact, and enabling every individual with self-help tools to cope with life’s challenges and stresses.



Identify the starting point for improving mental health and wellbeing without the need for diagnostic labels

& Scale

Generate new clients by reaching those who can truly benefit from your unique expert support

new Skills

Build a practical, neuroscience-based toolkit for building resilience, helping yourself and supporting others safely

the effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of your services, support interventions​ and demonstrate ROI

Business Growth

Drive profitable business operations without sacrificing your own wellbeing and mental health

& Develop

Receive relevant mental health training, business mentorship and supervision

the journey

Be part of a supportive community to share your journey with other likeminded professionals passionate about making a difference

the Impact

Be part of the global movement to drive improvements in mental health, and make a difference that lasts

  1. We base all of our work on the latest Research at Elite Mind Labs, and translate it into practical tools to help individuals to put their health & wellbeing into best hands possible – their own hands.

  2. We share that knowledge via our Training Academy, to equip coaches, therapists and other health & wellbeing professionals to make a real difference while running successful & profitable practice.

  3. Having a diverse community of experts in heath, wellbeing and high performance, allows us to deliver the Strategic Consulting Services at scale to organisations, schools and communities.

  4. Using the latest Technological Development and Impact Measures, we can identify opportunities for innovation, new product and service design, as well as the needs for further research.


One place for your business development, personal growth and practical tools for supporting your client’s or employee’s Wellbeing and Mental health.


Holistic mental health and wellbeing assessment to provide you with a clear direction and tailored support resources for your journey.



A neuroscience based training professional services and partner products for starting and scaling your therapy, coaching or consulting practice.


How do we do that?

We are modernising the mental health industry and the way wellbeing services are delivered by
combining the latest neuroscience research, technological innovation and business development.



You can access our training via Elite Mind Academy, manage your services via our Nikhila app,
and measure the impact of your support by completing holistic Elite Mind Diagnostic Assessment.


Head of Talent and Organisational Development

Have you ever wondered why some individuals can learn and grow with challenges, where others struggle under the same circumstances?

Evelina Dzimanaviciute spent over a decade researching psychology and the neuroscience of resilience in search for answers. As someone who had to build a new life and career in a foreign country where she has arrived without even speaking the language, Evelina understands the need to adapt and grow. After experiencing burnout and surviving a tumour, Evelina combined her research and previous leadership development experience with her work as a mental health coach to establish Elite Mind – a consultancy with a mission to help organisations to achieve business goals without sacrificing individual health and wellbeing. Evelina is known for translating neuroscience into practical, brainbased tools and for pioneering new approaches to organisational happiness and mental health.

As a founder of Elite Mind Academy, Evelina aims to enable other professionals in mental health and wellbeing space to run successful business, to apply latest technology and research to provide a holistic alternative to mental health, and ensure that services are effective, affordable, accessible, and tailored to individual needs.

Evelina is a recognised impact leader in global health and wellbeing in line with UN SDGs, and is often invited to share her insights and personal story on national and international stages.

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