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The reason you are here, is because you want to help others. 

You are passionate about making an impact in mental health and wellbeing, cultivating happiness, building resilience, and enabling each person to be their best where it matters the most. 

You believe that it is possible to build success and achieve high performance without personal sacrifices. 

Maybe, you want to save lives. 

But you need more practical, science-based, proven tools to make a difference. 

You are searching for proactive, preventative methods that can equip each person with knowledge, self-awareness, and practical resources to maintain their own health and wellbeing.

You know the importance of measuring the impact of your support and want to have clear ways to track the progress of personal growth, professional development and therapeutic recovery.  


You are curious about the best practices, latest research and technological trends on which the future is built. 


You are constantly looking for ways to grow, learn and stand out from the crowd.

Deep down, you know that you have so much more potential to contribute and leave lasting footprints on this earth.

But you need resources and support network to help you to translate your vision into reality. 

You are in the right place!

Welcome to the
Elite Mind Academy

We are the people who support people.

While everyone else is talking about the importance of supporting others, who supports you?! 

Imagine being part of the larger network of professionals on the same mission, who also want to make a difference but have a different level of expertise and skills to cover the gaps.

What would it feel like, to have access to the latest research and practical, brain-based tools, with a guidance on how to apply it in your field of work? 

What would it mean to you to have an authority, credibility and respect in your area of expertise, so that people can reach out to you in trust that you are the right person to help?

How would it feel to know that you have tools to help others overcome their personal limitations and tap into their best potential?

How much more confidence would you have in knowing that you can safely intervene is crisis situations and make a difference to someone’s life, when they need help the most? 

How much more confidence would you have in knowing that you can safely intervene
is crisis situations and make a difference to someone’s life, when they need help the most?

Trust me, I know how it feels…

my name is Evelina,
and I am a founder of
Elite Mind Academy and the developer of the Wellbeing Compass.

Over the years working with elite performers as a leadership trainer, executive coach and organisational development expert, I saw countless individuals sacrificing their health and wellbeing for the sake of career, money, high performance and approval of others. 

In fact, I was one of them…

Originally from Lithuania, I came to the Uk without even speaking the language, and was determined to make a new life here. I’ve embarked on the journey of building my career while studying at university, raising a child, building my own business, and volunteering to help suicidal individuals to reclaim their love for life again.

For several years, I’ve worked 70-hour weeks and slept 4 hours a night.

While volunteering to support other individuals with most severe mental health conditions, I felt proud for being so strong to handle it all, and felt privileged for having strength of the mindset to keep going. Regardless of challenges and difficulties I’ve faced building a new life from scratch in foreign country without any support, I have never questioned whether I could do this, or not – I only asked ‘how’, and always found a way…

Until one day, I have collapsed at work without being able to breathe, I couldn’t walk,  I couldn’t move my left arm… I have been taken to A&E to learn that I have  huge tumour at the back of my chest, pushing into my lungs, damaging my nerve cells around the spine and blocking the blood vessels. It was benign, stress-induced tumour, feeding on over-activation of my sympathetic nervous system.

What followed next is still hazy in my memory. But what I’ll never forget, is the moment the night before the operation, when the team of doctors came to explain what will happen to me during the 7-hour operation.

I was asked to sign the disclaimer: ‘I agree with al the consequences of this operation, including my own death’.

What if this is really my last day on earth, I asked. Yes, I have