Wellbeing and Mental Health


27 May, 2021, 18:00-19:30 GMT

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Many successful people feel not worthy of of their achievements.
Many others are not even able to build the success to match their full potential. Why?

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Our mindset and subconscious limiting beliefs have a big part to play. In this workshop we will be looking at how those beliefs are formed through our previous experiences, upbringing and interactions with others, how we can dismantle beliefs that no longer serve us, and how we can build a healthier self-image that supports our professional journey.

Every month, we offer one workshop to help you grow your business, and one for your personal development and growth,
focused on mental health and wellbeing. Elite Mind Academy workshops are free for our members and £29 each for guests.

Exclusive events for Academy Members Only:

Monthly Group Supervision session


Our members can attend one monthly supervision session for one of the three categories:
1. Therapy
(for Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists)
2. Coaching
(for Coaches and independent Consultants)
3. HR
(for Managers and HR leaders)

It is a safe space to share questions, concerns and struggles with the professional guidance of a qualified and accredited supervisors.

Focus Friday Networking & Support groups


The purpose of those meetings, taking every Friday 9am, is to help you to implement your learnings in practice, receive accountability and support for your personal and professional goals.

Each person has a chance to reflect on their successes of the week, set the goal for the next one, and receive mentorship, guidance and support to maintain your progress.