How to make an impact at scale?

Join the Wellbeing Design research project and amplify your voice and income through Elite Mind Academy

When you work relentlessly to support health, wellbeing and performance of other people, who supports you?

We do.

At Elite Mind Academy, we are committed to driving global change in health and wellbeing by reimagining the future of work and connecting the best experts in health, coaching, therapy and consulting with unmet needs in the market.

Recently, we have received government funding to design national guidelines and implementation frameworks for organisational wellbeing strategy.


We would like to invite you to contribute your expertise to our research and design process and share commercial success of the project by becoming our delivery partner.


We use human-centric research methods, ecosystemic design and dialogical consulting process to create a new framework that can show what good looks like in organisational wellbeing and performance, how to establish the right starting point and how to measure the impact of wellbeing and mental health initiatives at work.

This is how your participation may look like:

Listening stage:

In this stage we would like you to share your personal experiences with help and wellbeing at work in a confidential interview.

We would also like you to spread the word about the research and invite other individuals with lived experience of mental illness, disability, neurodiversity, accidents and other life challenges to have a say in this design project.

We are particularly keen to hear from diverse, underrepresented groups whose voices are seldom heard at work and in society.

Purpose: Discovering unmet employee needs

Design and prototyping stage:

We would like to invite you to co-design our framework and solutions, by contributing your expertise through a series of events and workshops.


Here are examples of design Workshop topics you could contribute to:

PurposeDesigning the solution with us

Testing and Iteration stage:

In this stage we would like you to test our Wellbeing Strategy framework and commercial model by becoming our delivery partner and offering your help and expertise under the Elite Mind consulting umbrella.

PurposeService Delivery and Improvement

What you’ll get?


Community support and networking with likeminded individuals on the same mission.

Brand visibility and profile building, through including your name, contribution and quotes in the research publication

Opportunity to contribute to designing and legalising a new standard for the future of Health and Wellbeing in the workplace

Potential commercial opportunities for delivering your services under the Elite Mind umbrella.

Generous referral fees for introducing new commercial partnerships for Elite Mind.

Support for the development and brand credibility of your own business

Access to personal and professional development opportunities, tailored offers and discounts via Elite Mind Academy membership

Please note that participation in any design workshops and events is by application and invite only, as we carefully curate the expertise and diversity required for the commercial success of the project for all parties involved.


If you would like to participate in this design project with a potential of becoming a strategic partner and service provider for Elite Mind, please apply by booking your call with the founder and CEO Evelina.


We partner with health coaches, therapists, psychologists, organisational development and leadership consultants, health and wellbeing experts and service providers, as well as other impact-driven startups who are passionate about building a better future for mental health and wellbeing at work. If your expertise is not listed, but you believe you can add value to the project, feel free to contact Evelina on Linkedin to share your profile and have your questions answered.

We’re open for new research partnerships till the end of May, for design and implementation stages. The Wellbeing Design research project is funded till 31st of July 2023, therefore all the costs for service design, workshops and events are fully covered until then and there are no costs for you to take part in this opportunity. For anyone else looking to partner with Elite Mind after that date, it will involve purchasing community membership and paying licence fees.

This really depends on our needs and your availability. There are no specific time commitments or expectations to participate, and you can pick and choose which project activities you can contribute to. This can vary from 15-min survey, to a remote interview, to attending half-day workshops or full day event, or testing our services and models.

Yes, you can choose where you can add the most value and where it is most beneficial for you to participate.

While there are clear commercial opportunities in this project, we have no financial guarantees. This is an impact project and we are keen to work with people who want to make a difference, regardless of financial rewards. If you are only motivated by profit and sales – please look elsewhere. We are building mutually beneficial partnerships that could add value to all parties, which includes, but is not limited to income. The value of this project to you will be relative to the value you add to our mission. We can create opportunities, but it will be up to you to act on it.

Yes, you can refer other people who could add value to the project by referring them to this page, or by making personal introductions to the Elite Mind team. They will still have to go through the usual selection process in order to be able to join our project activities.

Please email us your questions at or reach out to the Elite Mind team on LinkedIn.