How do you meet People’s needs
through a Wellbeing Strategy?

Welcome to Elite Mind Academy – the future of human workplaces and sustainable business growth.

Why are we doing this?

The way we live and work is damaging our physical and mental health, communities and the environment. If we want to build a future that is sustainable for future generations, we need to completely reimagine the world by creating an economy of health, purpose and wellbeing.

While everyone is talking about the importance of wellbeing and mental health at work, the Organisational Wellbeing industry is still a new field with no clear standards, benchmarks and established impact measures. Most solutions remain at a superficial, tick-box level that doesn’t make a difference over the long term.


Due to increasing service demands, there is an overwhelming amount of experts and startups capitalising on the opportunity, but it is difficult to compare services and determine the right providers to meet the specific needs of your business. Therefore, a lot of money is being lost on ineffective apps, libraries of resources, low levels of engagement and corporate benefit schemes that add little value.

What is the alternative?

If we want to build a sustainable future, we need to put people first by strategically positioning wellbeing into the company’s vision, culture, talent development and daily operations.

This can reduce costs and reliance on external providers and build organisational resilience to change. At Elite Mind, we believe in designing custom strategies and operational models specifically tailored to the needs of your people, instead of common off-the-shelf and fit-for-all solutions.

We pride ourselves on our human-centred research, and have recently been awarded funding to design national guidelines and implementation frameworks for organisational wellbeing strategy, to help businesses establish the starting point for sustainable human development and measure progress along the way.

Our consulting process:

1: Diagnostic

We conduct interviews, surveys, and observation to discover unmet individual needs
We conduct audits to establish how well the organisation is meeting those needs through:

  • training and development
  • support infrastructure (internal and external)
  • data, monitoring and communication flow
  • governance and compliance
  • physical environment

2: Service Design

Based on our research findings at the diagnostic stage, we produce a report with confidential feedback about how your people really feel, insights and statistics, and recommendations for addressing risks and building on your strengths.
We then work with you to co-design wellbeing strategy and create 12-months implementation roadmap with clear steps of action.

3: Service Delivery

We design and deliver custom employee mental health support services, leadership development programmes and other initiatives to build organisational resilience and wellbeing.
Instead of creating long-term reliance on external services, we are committed to building internal organisational capacity. If external expertise is needed, we will help you choose the right experts specifically matched to your needs.

4: Evaluation and Monitoring

We measure the effectiveness, engagement and long-term impact of your strategic interventions at individual and organisational levels by assessing what matters to you the most.
We help you to establish feedback loops between individuals, organisations and expert providers in order to generate the right insights to support your strategic decisions, drive continuous improvement, enhance the effectiveness of your operations and ensure sustainable growth.

Funded partnership opportunity

We have recently been awarded government funding and support to design national guidelines and implementation frameworks for organisational wellbeing strategy, and we are looking to partner with people-centric organisations who would like to contribute in co-creating this standard with us.

For a limited time we offer fully-funded places for research and strategy design for eligible organisations in exchange for case studies, piloting our framework, access to diverse users with unmet needs, or other opportunities that can help amplify the impact and visibility of this project.

The funding is covering all the costs associated with discovering unmet employee needs, strategy co-design process and impact measures, meaning that the research partners would only pay for service delivery (step 3 of the consulting process).


If you would like to apply for funded partnership or explore other ways to work together, book a call with a founder and CEO, Evelina to explore your options:


The costs may vary depending on the size and operational complexity of your business, however the average fee of our consulting package delivered over a year is £18,750.

This project is funded by Innovate UK (government innovation agency) in partnership with KTN (knowledge transfer network) and Innovate Uk EDGE (support for companies that has a potential to drive national economic growth). Our company (Elite Mind Academy Ltd) has been awarded this funding through competition process.

We offer funded research places to:

  • Non-for profit organisations, charities and community interest companies
  • Public sector organisations
  • Small and medium companies with less than 75 employees and under 100k annual turnover.

There are some exceptions we can make for other organisations outside of this criteria, if they can clearly demonstrate added value to the research project

You can still apply to work with us or engage in partnership with us, but your organisation will have to cover full costs for the consulting process as well as service delivery.
Occasionally, we may make some exceptions for organisations that can clearly demonstrate added value to the research project.
You may also participate in the research as an individual.

We are interested in working with organisations who are committed to investing in human sustainability, health and wellbeing. While there is no obligation to purchase any services from us or our partners, we will be making recommendations that may involve investment in time, resources and finances. As part of this project we are testing commercial viability of the new national framework to ensure it is feasible and affordable for organisations like yours. It will be up to you to decide if you want to engage in the commercial relationship beyond the research.

There are no any costs for participating in the research project, unless you would like us to deliver any services during or after the project.
While there are no direct costs for diagnostic, design and evaluation, it is a commitment in time and we expect full collaboration and transparent communication throughout. You will only benefit from this partnership if you are fully committed to the process.

In line with government funding criteria for our research, it is crucial for us to have sizable data and information from a variety of industries to contribute to the successful design of a national standard. Therefore the funding is offered in exchange for access to users and access to the market. We will be engaging in co-designing solutions and will make a commercial offer to you for services. However, you are not obliged to buy, and your response to our offer forms an important part of the research. Even if you don’t purchase any services from us, your participation contributes to the design of commercial solutions that are viable for companies of your size and industry in the future, making your participation valuable to us.

While we are looking to create public cases to showcase the best industry practices as well as demonstrating the effectiveness of our framework, we will not automatically publish it. The decision whether to publicly promote your involvement in the project will be decided together, and only if it is mutually beneficial for both parties. Otherwise, your company information would go to an anonymised pool of collective data.

All individual data will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and employers will only receive a confidential aggregate with anonymized insights.
All our information is encrypted for data analysis purposes, meaning that all our employees handling this research have no way to identify the source.
For more information about how we handle data, please see our privacy policy.

Yes, of course! Your individual experience is valuable to us, and you contribute to this project by signing up here.

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