You are invited to join Elite Mind Founders Club!

How is this delivered?

As part of the membership, every month you have access to:

1 x Business Development training event

to take your business to the next level

1 x Brain-based
Wellbeing workshop

to equip you with practical tools to make a diffence in health, mental performance and productivity, for yourself and your clients

1 x Supervision session (Coaching or Psychology)

a safe space to share your concerns and ensure high standard of your services

4 x Focus Group sessions (once a week)

receiving mentorship, accountability and support to implement things in practice and drive business progress

Standard Member


2 x training workshops and
1 x Focus group access a month

55US$ per month


550US$ per year

Elite Member


full access to all Academy events,
monthly Supervision,
and weekly Focus groups

95US$ per month


980US$ per year


The first 30 Members (Founders Club) will benefit from exclusive benefits, and unlimited access to all academy services:

✅ Access to Elite Membership** services,
for the price of the Basic Plan Membership*

✅ Be the first to trial all future services and new features of the app,
and have a say over development process of upcoming products and services.

✅ Lock in the low Founders Club Membership price for life,
and never see an increase ever again.

* Basic Plan includes 2 x monthly events, and 1x Focus Friday session per month
** Elite Membership includes 2 x monthly events, 4 x Focus Friday sessions every week, 1 x Supervision session

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