Are you struggling to package your knowledge and expertise into scalable business?

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Our proven process is designed to unpack your unique best and present it to the world, where it matters the most.

Welcome to your personalised accelerator programme!

This programme will help you to package your unique expertise and approach into scalable business solutions. We have met many passionate coaches, consultants and therapists who struggle to earn a living out of helping others and doing what they love. They were fed up of being sold ‘blueprints for success’ with rigid steps to follow, overwhelmed by the overload of tools and different approaches for sales and lead generation, and tired of trying to figure it out all by themselves.

We have worked with them to develop their own business models and approaches that fits with their values, preferred ways of working, and the impact they want to create in the world. 


It is a combination of therapeutic personal coaching and intensive business development to help you overcome barriers and limitations, discover your best self, and package it into unique business model.

How does it look like?

It is a personalised 3-6 month programme, delivered at your pace either in person or remotely, following our proven methodology to get the best out of you:

Step 1

Your Identity

We start by diving deep into your personal drives, clarify vision and mission, discover your values and define how to integrate the best of you into the brand identity. What you want to be known for, who do you need to become to achieve your biggest ambitions, and what values and beliefs you need to support your development.

Step 2

Audience you Serve

Trying to help everyone is a recipe for burnout and ineffective. At this stage we explore to whom you can add the most value, and where you should focus your time and energy for the biggest impact.

Step 3

The Problem you solve

We define what’s the biggest pain point you solve for your audience, and how the results look like.

Step 4

Lead Generation

How do you get your ideal clients come to you? How and where will they find you? What systems we can explore to automate this process?

Step 5

Sales Conversations

Once people find you, how do you translate your coffee-conversations into paying clients? This is psychology-driven training process where you learn the ways to connect with your audience, to build trust, and demonstrate the value you deliver, while presenting irresistible offer.

Step 6

Your Methodology

Once you have your clients, how do you get results for them in a way that’s measurable, impactful and scalable? How can you communicate this process in advance through your sales process, demonstrate the value throughput the process, and build success stories.

To have a taster of what you’d be working on, watch this training about the deeper dive into the 6-step programme:

Who’s delivering the programme?


Head of Talent and Organisational Development

Your trainer and coach for this unique programme is Elite Mind Academy founder and CEO herself, Evelina Dzimanaviciute. As an experienced neuroscience-based coach, leading management consultant and mentor to global start-ups and entrepreneurs, Evelina has developed this programme to bring the best approaches from her performance coaching, startup accelerator programmes and business growth strategy into an intensive journey specifically tailored to your needs. 

What’s included:

What’s the investment?

Our guide price is £4,000, but it may vary based on the stage of your business, method of delivery and other individual development requirements. We offer interest-free flexible payment plans to suit your budget, and all our services are covered by 100% money back guarantee. 

How to get started?

To learn more about the program and explore how this can be tailored to your needs,
book a discovery call with our team here.