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The training programme is accredited to national standard by OCN Credit 4 Learning – OFQUAL approved independent not for profit organisation, specialising in accreditations for bespoke learning programmes. 

Depending on your area of expertise and how you would use the knowledge from the course, we can offer you an accreditation at 3 different levels: 

CFMH: Level 3

Who is it for? 

For self-help and peer-to-peer support
Mental health ambassadors
First responders

Learning outcomes 

Knowledge about the neuroscience of mental health and practical approaches to wellbeing

Assessment methods

10 MCQs and 2 written questions

Time commitment

38 hours over 9 months:
3-day retreat plus
10 x 2h online modules

Investment : £2,950

(or 3 x £1,000)

CFMH: Level 5

Who is it for? 

Professional 121 setting
Professional coaches
Wellbeing professionals
HR and People professionals

Learning outcomes 

Practical tools and techniques for supporting clients and employee’s health and wellbeing

Assessment methods

10 MCQs, 2 Written questions, 10 supervised practice sessions and recorded session with a client

Time commitment

At least 80 hours over 10 months:
4-day in-person retreat
28h live online training
20h of practice and group supervision
2h assessments

Investment : £4,500

(or 3 x £1,500)

CFMH: Level 7

Who is it for? 

Organisational, strategic impact
Senior coaches
Health professionals
Coach supervisors and mentors
Wellbeing strategy Consultants

Learning outcomes 

Strategic approach to wellbeing in organisations and holistic, ecosystemic approach to individual health

Assessment methods

Same as level 4, plus written assignment and an interview (verbal presentation)

Time commitment

72 hours over 10 months:
3-day retreat
26h of live training
22h of supervised practice
121 coaching & mentorship session

Investment : £5,400

(or 3 x £1,800)

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This level is suitable for anyone in people-facing roles, who are looking to deepen the knowledge around mental health, wellbeing, and human behaviour. If you are looking for knowledge for yourself or to help your family member, this level will equip you with an understanding about the causes of poor mental health, and what actions can be taken to help yourself and others using neuroscience-based approaches. 

Delivery of the course: This 9-month training programme includes 3-day all-inclusive residential retreat in Windsor in month 2, live workshops and online eLearning modules. For this level it is not compulsory to attend all the live training events – it will all be recorded for you to watch at your own time and pace. 


Assessment for Level 2 accreditation: After each module you will be required to complete multiple choice questionnaires (10 in total) and answer two situational questions, either in writing, or by voice recording. The pass mark is 90%, and you can retake each MCQ test twice, with the exception of situational questions. 


This level is specifically built for professional coaches and people professionals looking for practical tools to make a difference in your client or employee health & wellbeing. It combines neuroscience knowledge with practical coaching tools to drive behavioural change and building holistic lifestyle habits for high performance and individual wellbeing. 

Delivery of the course: 10-month programme, consisting of 3-day residential retreat, live training workshops, supervised coaching practice, and eLearning modules. Month 1: eLearning on boarding. Month 2: residential retreat and supervision group. Months 3-9: each month will have one weekly live training workshop for 3 consecutive weeks, followed by a week of practice. Month 10: Final assessment and practical applications. 


Assessment for level 4 accreditation: You can self-assess your knowledge with MCQs after each module, and for the practical skills you will be required to attend supervision groups and complete practice sessions, evidenced through feedback and self-reflection logs. At the end of the course you will be required to complete a full, recorded session with a client, to demonstrate CFMH competencies in practice. 


This level includes all learning materials from the level 4, with an addition of Wellbeing Compass licence for developing strategic approaches to building resilience in business context, both at corporate level, or for driving and measuring wellbeing on individual level. It is created in mind with health and wellbeing professionals and senior coaches who want to equip themselves with strategic tools to make a greater impact in mental health. 

Delivery of the course: the same as level four, with an additional full day training for Wellbeing Compass licence, and 3x 121 mentorship sessions to help you successfully apply learnings in your area of work.


Assessment for level 5 accreditation: the same as level 4, with an additional written assignment and verbal presentation.